Lamb&Company pioneered the world of 3D animation and computer graphics production.  It was at the forefront of innovation in the technological and creative development of computer animation and digital effects for advertising and broadcast worldwide, for two decades. Lamb&Company was an early adopter and innovator of software and production systems.  Additionally, its innovations in animation methodologies greatly increased production efficiencies, which reduced production costs. These innovations have been embraced worldwide.

Lamb&Company  Minneapolis, MN


Domestic Commercial Spots


Directed and Produced by Larry Lamb and the Lamb & Company Team

Lamb&Company was the development partner and first licensee of Wavefront Technologies, Inc., (now the industry leader Autodesk, Inc.), producer of the world’s first commercial animation software tools product.  Lamb&Company was one of the first in the world to use, and the first to perfect motion capture technology (the use of digitally recorded live performance to gesture an animated character’s motion).  Lamb&Company was the first to employ Discreet Logic’s Flame visual effects system, which has revolutionized the advertising production and film businesses.

International Commercial Spots


Directed and Produced by Larry Lamb and the Lamb & Company Team




Lamb&Company created “The Incredible Crash Dummies” (Fox) the first 3D, computer-generated, long format network TV program in the U.S. Completion in six months, a real feat in 1992, was due to creative and innovative uses of technology, and productivity management tools and methods developed at Lamb&Company.


Hazzah Bobaloo the  Beast Boy 1996


Directed and Produced by Larry Lamb and the Lamb & Company Team


’Huzzah”, directed by Larry Lamb and produced by Lamb&Company  in 1996, received national and international acclaim and numerous awards.  This short film was the world’s first successful full-body performance capture for use on a digital actor. “Huzzah” gave rise to a new production process and work flow for character animation.

Making of Hazzah


Produced by Larry Lamb and the Lamb & Company Team




Lamb&Company served as a training ground for over a hundred animation professionals now working in leading animation production companies around the world.




3D internet sales environment based on a interactive game engine.


Invented,Produced and Directed by Larry Lamb and the LambSoft Team




Larry Lamb, along with Lamb&Company and LambSoft, developed an authoring and presentation software product and platform called ShowM-e. This innovative software utilized real-time Internet game technology to create 3D commercial spaces where users interact with true-to-life personalities in a multi-user, online setting.  ShowM-e enabled virtual malls with virtual sales consultants on the Internet in real-time.  Focused applications included e-marketing,e-commerce

and e-tailing.

LambSoft  Minneapolis,MN


Dummy A Display, Trailer

Produced, Captured and Edited by Larry Lamb and the Open Eye Figure Theatre Team




lamb.com  Minneapolis,MN



Larry Lamb, along with Open Eye Figure Theatre, Michael Sommers and Susan Haas's team of stage and technical performers, filmed 4 performances and 1 performance without an audiance, then  edited a full performance movie from multiple POV's shot with a Canon 5DMIII.  The idea is to capture stage performances with high quality imagery and low cost production to create a movie for Internet distrobution with pay per view options.  Thus vastly increasing to size and scope the audieance.  From 99 seats to the world.  Above is a trailer for the film.


Jim Lenfestey on Third Parties

Produced, Captured and Edited by Larry Lamb




Larry Lamb, along with Jim Lenfesty reproduced, for film capture, an OpEd essay Jim had published in the Minneapolis Tribune newspaper.  The HD performance was distributed via E-mail, Facebook ,  YouTube and Vimeo.   This technique can be a very cost effective  method of launching personal point of through social networks, with the potential of "going viral" and reaching thousands of friends, of friends, of friends, of friends and so on.

lamb.com  Minneapolis,MN


Invictus By William Ernest Henley

Produced, Captured and Edited by Larry Lamb



Larry Lamb, along with  an anonymous reciter/performer explore In-Your-Face performace art.

lamb.com  Minneapolis,MN

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